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Upgrade and upscale your bathroom to add value to your house. At Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations, we offer a competitive price to renovate your bathrooms. Over the years we have exceeded our client’s expectations with the latest designs and top-quality services. Renovate your bathrooms by availing the professionals from Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations at Lane Cove.  

Renovating bathrooms is a good way to add value to your home. It is the easiest way to upscale the look of the house. With new concepts, patterns and designs in the market, bathroom Renovations have become more compelling. Make sure to hire the best Aussie professionals to turn over the look of your bathroom. 

Our services

Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations is a premier brand leading the bathroom Renovation industry over decades from the front. With constant research and sourcing in the best product from the international markets, be assured to get a 180-degree thorough makeover. 

  • Tiling services

Tiles are the best suited cheap way to transform any place. Renovate your bathrooms with classic Italian designed tiles and marbles. At Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations, you get to choose from a range of classic traditional designs to modern contemporary designs. Also, get to choose from a range of ceramic tiles or floor marbles to transform the floor or wall of your bathroom. 

  • Waterproofing

Seal off any cracks and make your bathroom leak proof with the best Australian waterproofing services at Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations. All the raw materials and fixtures used are of top-class quality and up to the mark of the Australian standard of living. 

  • Custom made joineries

All bathrooms have specific needs, and no company can match those needs as Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations. You will get the best custom-designed joineries and cabinets by availing our services. Choose from a variety of shades and designs and make bathroom Renovations sustainable. 

  • Plumbing and electrical services

Our workmanship is well equipped to make all the electrical and plumbing services. We provide top quality wiring and insulating materials to make it safe. We design the lighting according to the theme of your bathroom to add in an extra dose of aesthetic value. Along with providing the best electrical services, all our plumbing services are also best in Lane Cove with it being leakproof. 

  • Other services

Apart from these services, we also undertake any kind of demolition and resurfacing projects. All our fittings and fixtures are of top-notch quality in the industry. With a range of shades and designs, our fittings are bound to meet any theme that you choose for your bathroom. 

Rely upon us

Choose Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations to avail of the ultimate bathroom Renovations services in Lane Cove. With years of expertise, we accommodate all your needs. Right from the very beginning we work with you and consider your ideas and demands. Our professionals are always available to guide you in getting the best theme, cooler, and fittings that will give your bathroom the WOW factor that it so rightly deserves. With on-time project completion and full customer satisfaction, Sydney Premier Bathroom Renovations will be your ideal partner in Lane Cove. 

Call us today and our team of experts will resolve all your doubts related to the best bathroom Renovation services.

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